The Instant Advanced Meditation Course
(the I AM Course)

What if it were possible to achieve the benefits of deep meditation -- the calmness, peace, expansiveness, "oneness", etc. -- without years of practice, without having to "still your mind", without having to sit on your butt for 20 or 60 minutes a day, without having to remove yourself from your daily life?

What if you could "shift" into those states of awareness as quickly and as easily as you could check to see if you were hungry?


Well, after 25 years of practice, I gave up on meditation. I gave up trying to do something to or with the objects of my attention. I gave up trying to observe my thinking, to be with my sensations, to repeat a mantra, to move my energy, even to "just sit."

And when I stopped attending to the objects of attention, I decided instead -- while I was sitting on the couch or hot tub at 2 am -- to take a look at the act of perception, the phenomenon of attention.

The results of this turn of attention were instant and dramatic... and effortless.

After years of doing and developing these practices on my own, I taught them to a friend who insisted I teach them to others. And, so, the Instant Advanced Meditation Course was born.

I like to joke that the practices in the Instant Advanced Meditation Course are so advanced, that even advanced meditators can do them!

Whether you have never meditated or have a long-term practice, these radical techniques could take you to a whole new level. But I'm not here to convince you of that (or anything else, frankly).

Instead, let me invite you to get a sample of the I AM Course at


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