Since you somehow found your way here, here's a bit about me and the things that occupy my time. Enjoy.

Pretty much all of my time is spent building the barefoot sandal business that Lena and I started. It all began, almost as a joke, in a corner of a spare bedroom. But now it's a thriving business with an office, employees, and a LOT of late nights. Xero Shoes (originally Invisible Shoes) are a modern take on the tire sandals made by the Tarahumara in Mexico. They give you all the fun and benefits of being barefoot, but with a layer of protection, style... and FUN.

If I'm not in the Xero Shoes office, or at home resting, you'll find me on one of the tracks in Boulder -- I'm a Masters All-American Sprinter. That's right, sprinter, not runner. Contrary to this picture, I don't do too much off the track and I rarely run more than 200m at a time (and even that I do reluctantly). During the indoor season, I run the 50 and 60m. Outdoor, I run the 100m and, rarely, the 200m. My current personal best for the 100m is 12.2. Not bad for a 50+ guy. But I'm aiming for 11.9 this year!

This site began so I could rant on the Anti-Guru Blog. No, it's not about guru-bashing, though I do some of that, but about something much more interesting... check it out and you'll see.

Other new news *off* my site is something really fun... especially for anyone who takes their spiritual life a bit too seriously. Check out

If you (or anyone you know) dreams of writing the great American screenplay, check out the software I created - Scriptware, the industry-standard word processing software for film and television Scriptwriters. To find out more about successful scriptwriting, see my book (now online), Scriptwriting Secrets - Writing Your Million Dollar Story. I also created Cinovation, Inc. to publish and distribute Scriptware and other software for the creative community.

If I ever have time, you can find me enjoying go-kart racing, playing miniature golf, bowling, pinball, WaterWorld or Elitch Gardens amusement park, air hockey and chocolate cake to die for. If you're up for a bike ride, I'll join you on my recumbent or my new human-powered scooter or Elliptigo (I need to get pictures of some of these things). And on January 1st, you can catch me and the other Polar Bears chipping away the ice and jumping in the Boulder Reservoir.

Lena PhoenixNow, beyond things that I *do* is this: In October, 2003 I had the great good fortune to marry the lovely Lena Phoenix, author of The Heart of a Cult, COO of Xero Shoes, and manager of "all things Sashen". The wedding was an absolute blast, complete with the best cake I've ever eaten (half of it stored away in our freezer), a chocolate fountain, marimba music by Kutandara, and a spontaneous Silly String and Lucky Charms battle. Some day, I'll write out the story of our meeting -- it's a winner on the romance scale. Suffice it to say, before we were a couple I always imagined being extremely happy with this wonderful, smart, funny, beautiful woman... I couldn't have guessed how much my imagination would pale compared to reality.

Lily and LulaFun news in our house comes our two beautiful Bengal cats, Lula and Lily (otherwise known as Moose and Squirrel). They're 2 girls (one is the aunt of the other) who were born 2 weeks apart. Bengals are an absolute riot who have a number of habits left over from their wild relatives (in addition to their leopard-like spots). In other words, don't get near them when they're eating! They're older than this kitty-pic, but still just as cute.

Hope you enjoyed your visit. If you would like to contact me, please use the following email address: or call 303/447-3100.

Be well,
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Steven Sashen